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Forms (These forms are for shareholders with accounts held directly with Wilmington Funds)

New Account Forms Item ID Download
New Account App - Inst INV0068-INST/REV1016 Download New Account App – Inst
New Account App - Retail INV0068 CLASS A/REV1016 Download New Account App – Inst
Privacy Policy   Download New Account App –Inst

Other Forms Item ID Download
Letter of Intent MTB-AP-011-0907 INV0112/REV0312 Download Letter of Intent
  Check Writing Card INV0070/REV1016 Download Check Writing Card
  Systematic Investment / Withdrawal Form MTB-AP-086-0907 INV0069/REV0312 Download Systematic Investment/ Withdrawal Form
Transfers Form TRANSFER/REV0312 Download Transfers to Unlike Accounts - Addendum
Payroll Automatic Deduct Form - M&T Bank Only PAYROLL AUTO/REV0312 Download Payroll Deduction Form - M&T Bank Only